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UT Martin Rescinds Illegal Anti-union Work Rules After UCW Complaint

An email sent Wednesday, February 17, 2010 titled “Urgent That You Use Current UT Personnel Policies” from Vice Chancellor Al Hooten and Human Resources Director Phil Bright rescinded all printed personnel policies and work rules, and directed supervisors to only use those policies and procedures found on the UT website. Copies of the email are being distributed to all UTM Housing employees. This email comes a week after representatives from United Campus Workers – Communications Workers of America, Tennessee’s higher education union, which represents over 1,000 UT and TBR employees across the state, met with State Representative Mike Turner to discuss measures that would eliminate illegal anti-union work rules which had been distributed to employees in the UTM Department of Housing.

Secova Audit Update

UCW-CWA keeps pressure on higher education administration to help with Secova Audit completion process.

Since the state of Tennessee announced the Secova run audit of employee insurance benefits for plans with dependents, UCW-CWA has been leading efforts to inform public higher education employees of the process and pressuring HR departments at public universities across the state.

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