Welcome to the MTSU chapter of United Campus Workers!  


UNITED CAMPUS WORKERS is made up over over 1300 higher education workers throughout the state of Tennessee.

We are the union at MTSU, the voice for the hundreds of us who make the university run everyday but all too often are not given the say-so we deserve when it comes to decision making. We know that administrators and the politicians in Nashville have a lot of power, and by joining together into a strong organization with our coworkers we have power too. 

We face increased workloads as a result of the buyouts, doing more work every day with fewer and fewer resources.  Additionally, as we enter the 2011 legislative session we face unprecendented cuts when the stimulus monies run out-  on top of that we will be entering our 4th year without a pay raise!

Our coworkers often ask us "what's in it for me?"  Why should I join the union?

United Campus Workers is the only organization made up of and run by higher education workers that is fighting to address these issues.

Already in just a short period of time at MTSU our union has won some concrete victories that have benefited MTSU faculty and staff.  

  • We've improved the working conditions for members who faced injustice and harassment on the job. Together we have the ability to affect change much greater than we can as individuals.
  • UCW led the statewide fight against the 5% pay cut proposal in the legislature (see UCW Fights the 5% Cut ).
  • We also advocated for giving a flat dollar bonus for all higher education workers (see UCW Fights for Bonus )
  • The end result ( see Legislature passes workload stipend ) wasn't everything we wanted but was at least something in this tough environment.  Imagine what we could have won if hundreds more of us at MTSU were part of our union!

The only way we can fight these hurdles is by coming together and organizing.  No one else will give us the justice we need and deserve.

Take the first step towards a better future by JOINING US TODAY!

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