Our History-2000

2000 History continued

  • The 2000 living wage study is released, which reveals that 68% of UTK's hourly employees make less than a living wage of $9.50 with benefits.
  • Shortly after the release of the 2000 Wage Study, Campus Workers for a Living Wage (CWLW) forms. The group’s first leaders are Sandy Hicks and Ernestine Robinson, workers in the UTK Department of Housing.
  • June: After months of pressure UT agrees to provide housekeepers and building maintenance workers with free hepatitis B vaccines. CWLW defies nay-sayers and shows that collective action brings change. Efforts of CWLW and the Living Wage Campaign win 4.75% pay raise, with 12% for the lowest paid employees.  
  • Late Summer through December- CWLW activists turn their attention to stopping the practice of forced overtime in the UTK department of housing.
  • Late October, 2000-  CWLW votes to become an independent union and changes its name to United Campus Workers (UCW).
  • December 2000- UCW leads a march of students, workers, and community allies from the UTK law school to UT's Presidential court, protesting the policy of forced overtime in housing.

Photos below capture activity from fall of 2000- from news coverage of Ernestine Robinson speaking before the UT Board of Trustees to the December march against forced overtime.  Hover over the picture for more information.

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