Leadership & Staff

United Campus Workers is a member-led, democratic organization. Our union belongs to us! Our leadership is made of campus workers from campuses across Tennessee, and we employee four full-time organizers and one additional part-time staff.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the key decision making body made up of our core union officers.

  • President: Ed McDaniel, keyshop at UTK
  • Executive Vice President: Josh Smyser, mailroom at UTK
  • Secretary: Jeffrey Lichtenstein, standardized patient program UTHSC
  • Treasurer: Janet Miles, Office of Information Technology, UTK
  • East TN representative: Amanda Carr-Wilcoxson, Pellissippi State
  • Middle TN representative: Scott Martindale, maintenance at MTSU
  • West TN representative: Doris Brooks-Conley, custodian at UofM
  • Policy & Campaign Chair: Margaret Cook, U of M

Policy & Campaign Committee

The PCC is the largest representative body of our union, and is empowered to develop our political program and strategy, and lead our campaigns.

  • PCC Chair: Margaret Cook (U of M)
  • UTK: Sarah Eldridge
  • MTSU: Michael Principe
  • Memphis: Margaret Cook
  • UTK Delegates: Diana Moyer, Tom Anderson, Jon Shefner, Susan Williams, Allison Hemming
  • UTC: Agnes Fellner
  • ETSU: Lisa Moss
  • UTHSC: Dalton Brown
  • PSCC: Andy Beavers
  • TN Tech: Troy Smith, [open position]
  • Southwest:
  • UTM:
  • APSU: Stuart Arkovitz
  • Northeast State:
  • Chatt State: Michael McCamish
  • Jackson State:
  • East TN regional delegates: Dennis Prater, [open position]
  • Middle TN regional delegates: Rick Kurtz, Eric Hughes
  • West TN regional delegates: Amanda Lee Savage, [open position]


Our union employees four full-time organizers and one part-time member services & communications staff. 

  • Lead Organizer: Cassie Watters leads our organizing work and focuses on UTK, TTU, ETSU, Pellissippi, and Northeast State. Contact her at [email protected].
  • East TN Organizer: Eli Stanfield organizes at UTK, as well as at UTC and Chatt State. Contact them at [email protected].
  • Middle TN Organizer: Dana Smith organizes at MTSU, APSU, TSU, and elsewhere in the Nashville area. Contact her at [email protected].
  • West TN Organizer: Jayanni Webster organizes at University of Memphis, UTHSC, Southwest, and elswhere in West TN. Contact her at [email protected].
  • Member services: Susan Williams handles membership issues and manages our Knoxville office. Contact her at [email protected].