Leadership & Staff

United Campus Workers is a member-led, democratic organization. Our union belongs to us! Our leadership is made of campus workers from campuses across Tennessee, and we employee three full-time organizers and one additional part-time staff. The following leaders were elected in fall semester of 2017 and began their terms in January 2018. The next election will take place in fall semester of 2020 and the 3-year terms will begin January 2021. Do you want to serve? Get in touch with an elected leader or staff member today!

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the key decision making body made up of our core union officers.

  • President: Ed McDaniel, keyshop at UTK - [email protected], 877-292-3865
  • Executive Vice President: Josh Smyser, mailroom at UTK
  • Secretary: Jeffrey Lichtenstein, standardized patient program UTHSC
  • Treasurer: Janet Miles, Office of Information Technology, UTK
  • East TN representative: Amanda Carr-Wilcoxson, Pellissippi State
  • Middle TN representative: Scott Martindale, maintenance at MTSU
  • West TN representative: Doris Brooks-Conley, custodian at UofM
  • Policy & Campaign Committee Chair: Open

Policy & Campaign Committee

The PCC is the largest representative body of our union, and is empowered to develop our political program and strategy, and lead our campaigns.

  • PCC Chair: Open
  • UTK Chapter VP: Sarah Eldridge
  • MTSU Chapter VP: Michael Principe
  • Memphis Chapter VP: Meghan Cullen
  • Additional UTK Delegates: Diana Moyer, Tom Anderson, Jon Shefner, Susan Williams, Ali Heming
  • Additional UofM Delegate: Ben Curtis
  • UTC: Agnes Fellner
  • ETSU: Lisa Moss
  • UTHSC: Dalton Brown
  • PSCC: Andy Bevers
  • TN Tech: Open
  • Southwest: Open
  • UT Martin: Open
  • APSU: Stuart Arkovitz
  • Northeast State: Open
  • Chatt State: Michael McCamish
  • Jackson State: Open
  • East TN regional delegates: Dennis Prater, [additional open position]
  • Middle TN regional delegates: Rick Kurtz, Eric Hughes
  • West TN regional delegates: Amanda Lee Savage, [additional open position]


Our union employees three full-time organizers and one part-time bookkeeper & membership services coordinator. 

  • East TN Organizer: Eli Stanfield organizes at UTK, Pellissippi State, as well as at UTC and Chatt State. Contact them at [email protected].
  • Middle TN Organizer: Dana Smith organizes at MTSU, APSU, TSU, and elsewhere in the Middle TN area. Contact her at [email protected].
  • West TN Organizer: Jessica Buttermore, organizes at University of Memphis, UTHSC, Southwest, Jackson State, and elswhere in West TN. Contact her at [email protected]-cwa.org
  • CWA Campaign Lead: Cassie Watters organizes with members at UTK, TTU, ETSU, Pellissippi State, and Northeast State, in addition to capacity-building projects in CWA District 3 (the Southeast). Contact her at [email protected].
  • Bookkeeper & Membership Services Coordinator: Susan Williams handles membership issues and bookkeeping for our Local. Contact her at [email protected].