UCW Lobby Day - Register to fight for fair raises, adjunct pay

Building on our work at the capitol last year, UCW has introduced our Fair Raise Act (HB 1105 / SB 1333 ) to give an across the board pay raise of at least $1000 to every state employee and our Moving TN Adjuncts Forward Act (HB 707 / SB 775) raise adjunct pay to a minimum of $1000 per credit hour. Our bills seek to address the unfairness of percentage raises, which disproportionately benefit those at the top and leave out adjunct faculty, most of whom haven't received a raise in 20 years. 

UCW believes that public colleges and universities can best function and students can best learn when they are well-maintained and staffed by fairly paid workers and taught by fairly paid faculty. UCW is also monitoring anticipated attacks on tenure and academic freedom, guns on campus legislation, privatization attempts, and threats to public education.

Although newly elected Governor Bill Lee won't reveal his first state budget until March 4, we can be certain that Nashville will have its own agenda and priorities for public higher education in Tennessee. As faculty, staff, and graduate workers we need to share our priorities and fight for fairness on campus!

Join us for our annual trip to the Capitol to speak with our representatives about these issues. Buses will be traveling from Knoxville and Memphis, leaving and returning on the same day. Lunch will be provided. For more information and to RSVP, click here