UNITY is our Strength - #PeopleFirstCampus

Now more than ever, our UNITY is our strength. Let’s demonstrate our unity by coming together on March 31st (equal pay day!) to demand equity and fairness on our campuses in the wake of COVID-19 and beyond.

Before the COVID-19 crisis, our communities were already struggling with deep pay inequity and unfairness. This crisis has only heightened this fact, with some of the most vulnerable people on campus remaining on the front lines every day. Let’s come together and demand better working conditions for all, for the universities of today and tomorrow!

How you can participate:

Make a sign highlighting our demands, and take a photo with your sign. Submit ahead of time (go ahead, do it now!) and we’ll post on our social media on the big day. You can also post on the day of - post on social media and tag your UCW local, and we’ll repost! Also, use these hashtags we brainstormed for the day: #HealthyFairCampus #NowMoreThanEver15 #CampusSafetyNet #PeopleFirstCampus

Here are our demands:

Living Wage Now, Living Wage Always!
Paid leave for ALL university employees, everywhere
Including Part time/temporary/student workers
Hazard Pay for Essential Employees
Flexible grading options for Instructors
Protections for contingent faculty
Protect our vulnerable student